“Ronit’s editorial critiques were so spot on and well expressed that I often believed I’d thought of them myself. She’s able to hone in on the heart of a story and help the author fully express that core, while trimming away that which does not serve it. She was incredibly responsive, whether helping me structure a novel in progress or in refining and line editing one that was more complete. I am lucky to have had her as my editor on two novels.”
Allison Amend, author of Enchanted Islands and A Nearly Perfect Copy

“Ronit was an exceptional editor. She seemed to have an intuitive sense of what I was trying to describe and helped me figure out the clearest way to express myself. She was kind, sensitive and generous and always framed her suggestions in an encouraging and empowering way. I learned so much from Ronit. Her editing made my book immeasurably better.”
Leah Vincent, author of Cut Me Loose

“When you work with Ronit you get more than a talented and seasoned editor, you get a whole team. Ronit’s editorial comments give you at least three or four different kinds of useful reads at once: you get the sharp, savvy evaluations of a senior editor at one of New York’s most prestigious publishers, the visceral reactions of a reader who loves good writing, and the personal touch of your super-smart friend who’s deeply invested in your success. Her comments always go directly to the heart of the matter, without fuss. Without fail, her edits sent me back to my drafts with renewed energy, clarity, and confidence.”
Avi Steinberg, author of The Lost Book of Mormon and Running the Books

Freelance Clients:

“I am still absorbing and processing your editorial memo. Overall, I find it constructive, eye-opening and beyond beneficial. I have so much work to do with the revision and with the help of your feedback and critique of the manuscript, I have a roadmap to accomplishing it. With this informative edit, I am again excited with a fresh perspective in creating a much stronger novel. I appreciate your invaluable advice, notes and edits, and I will certainly do my best in using it to strengthen the novel.”
Terrance Coffey, author of Valley of the Kings: The 18th Dynasty, winner of the 2016 Pacific Book Award for historical fiction and selected for publication by Kindle Scout

“This is what I needed, a new perspective on and distance from the story I couldn’t see any more. Your points are well taken and have revived my creative juices!”
Patricia Bochi

“Thank you very much for such a thorough and thoughtful editorial assessment. The more general comments opened my eyes to larger issues that I was unaware of, and the more detailed chapter notes are very helpful for guiding my thinking in specific areas. You managed to strike a perfect balance between encouragement and criticism (no easy task, I know, as I read through my students’ work!). I really appreciate your time and effort and I’m happy to say I have a great roadmap to continue working on this manuscript.”
David Boffa